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child travel assistance

Parental Arrangements

We are proud to be responsible for bringing families together in unique circumstances.

We understand that there are many different and unique arrangements between parents and children that may make travel more difficult. Providing a safe Journey Companion, we can make travel possible for children involved in different living arrangements.

Safe Travel Advice

Whatever your situation may be, our experienced Companions can guide you both leading up to and during your travel arrangements.

We have our finger on the pulse with international safety advice on everything from natural disasters to political tensions to aid you in travelling to the right destinations at the right times.

Safe Journey Planning

We pride ourselves in our pre-journey meetings via Skype or face time along with journey updates at agreed points along the way. We will customise the communication schedule both before and during the journey to suit you.

Police-Checked Companions

All of our friendly Companions have valid Working With Children (WWC) police checks.


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